Suitable for upper primary and high school students

The advanced Robotics program is for students who want to immerse themselves in advanced engineering and coding principles, normally taught at university level of study. Students use LEGO®EV3 engines, multiple different sensors and more sophisticated motors to build their robots. Children will:

Learn advanced coding and software skills
Simulate real-life machines that perform range of tasks 
Learn to code a range of parameters in their machine
Follow complex flow charts
Longer sessions for greater skill building 
Use range of sensors like gyro, touch, colour & motion
Use 2 different types of motors
Build models having multiple moving parts and complex order for part movement
✓ Further develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills

Overview of Robotics Sessions

All session follows the Learn-Prototype-Code-Experiment-Imagine format.

Learn – theoretical engineering and coding concepts
Prototype – Children build a LEGO® model that works like a real-world robot
Code – from pseudo code to programming language 
Experiment– Children are encouraged to change the inputs and vary the code to study the impact of these changes
Imagine – Children can see how closely their creation resembles real-world machines and imagine the possibilities

Robotics Secondary Objectives

✓ Improve procedural, logical and algorithmic thinking
✓ Cultivate students’ ability to solve complex engineering challenges combining engineering and programming solutions together
✓ Develop mathematical processing skills
✓ Improve time management and collaboration skills
✓ Acquire information system and media literacy

Robotics Subjects

Software engineering: Commands, Terms Loops, Planning methods, Dynamic programming, Applied mathematics, Efficiency, Interfacing 
Complex missions: Instead of single tasks, robots perform a complex set of tasks
Multiple interfaces: Children learn to input via 4 different sensors.
3D machine movement:Angular movement control along the Z axis.
Fun robots: Bionic hand, Trash remover, Colour Sorter, Domino stacker, Line path follower, Dancing robot, etc.